Flight Attendant career

Starting your Flight Attendant career might seem like a far and distant dream at first. But do not feel anxious or worried, as it is actually quite easy to begin flying with an airline.

All you need to become a flight attendant is a positive attitude, great knowledge of English and most importantly – be communicative! Also, don‘t be afraid to take the first step, as that will help out massively in landing a job in the aviation industry.


  • Over 17 years of age

  • Criminal Record Check

  • Medical Exam

  • O’Level Cert, School diploma or equivalent

Career Opportunities

Flight attendant for all Air Operators such as Airlines, Air Taxis, Charter Flights, Private Flight operations.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes:

Upon completion of this program the successful student will have developed various career-related skills, knowledge and behaviors to effectively perform a variety of functions required in providing passenger safety and service specific to the airline industry.

The student will have demonstrated the knowledge and skills in: World Geography and Cultures, basic knowledge of aviation theory, the roles and responsibilities of airline related personnel, safety and emergency procedures, different aircraft types, various types of drills, aviation first aid, in-flight services and self-defense.

Program Duration:

Total Program Duration: 6 months total.

Methods of Evaluation:

Students’ progress in the program is measured by their successful completion of the courses listed in the program outlines; a minimum of 70% of the all course marks as well as each assessment component of the courses is required to successfully complete the program.

Required course materials:

  • First Aid

  • Oxford- English for Cabin Crew

  • IATA airline cabin crew training manual

  • CAC manual and workbook

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