ASA Exams

Providing quality and reliability

Given ASA Training’s focus on the quality and reliability of our offering, we use assessment to promote excellence in training and high-quality learning outcome. By assessing, ASA Training strives to ensure that the skills and knowledge needed in the future aviation industry are being developed through our training courses.

Assessment in ASA courses varies from regulatory courses where a written supervised exam is the main graded element, through supervised Mock exams, to those in which multiple graded elements exist. Our assessment intends to provide learners with opportunities to demonstrate knowledge, skills and capabilities obtained in the course subject.

Online Exams with Remote Supervision (OERS) | Partner-taught or Self-study

Detailed instructions on how to take your OERS exam online using a personal computer in a remotely supervised environment.

Unsupervised online exams | Partner-taught or Self-study

These exams do not require booking and you can take your exam at any time after completing your study, within your course’s validity period.

Classroom and LIVE virtual classroom exams

These assessments usually include a written exam, along with exercises, assignments, projects, presentations, simulations, case studies and active participation.