Flight Attendant (Cabin crew)

If you have a pleasant disposition and can get along easily with all kinds of people,

you can consider a career in the cabin crew of commercial or private jet planes as an air hostess or steward.

An air hostess has many responsibilities on a plane. She greets every passenger, guides each to his or her seat and settles them in, coordinates security, and much more. Women usually prefer this career although men can do the same job and are called ‘stewards’. If you feel an inclination towards choosing this as your professional field then you will have to take up a good air hostess course and go through a proper air hostess training program with Aeronai.

Skills & Attributes

Following skills are essential for an air hostess for a successful career:

Eligibility Criteria

If you are looking to become an air hostess then you will need to be eligible for it in many ways. And if you want to know the eligibility criteria, then, here’s how you can become an air hostess after O’Level standard.

There will be no initial screening followed by a written test, group discussion and personal interviews. Accepted candidates are put through necessary training in relevant procedures.