Global Distribution System (GDS)

As a reservation agent, learn how to make reservations in the Amadeus Global Distribution System (GDS) using cryptic commands. Through a set of interactive Learning. Learn what is the Amadeus GDS and how to create and modify the elements of a Passenger Name Records (PNR) in order to issue a ticket using Altéa Reservation (Cryptic).

You will learn:

  • Getting started with the Amadeus GDS.
  • What is Amadeus Air.
  • Finding flights for a PNR.
  • Adding PNR mandatory elements.
  • Adding PNR optional elements.
  • Modifying a PNR.
  • Working with itineraries and invoices.
  • Working with pricing and fares.
  • Working with ticketing.
  • Working with Amadeus queues.

Is this the course for you? This course is for: Anybody

In particular, those intending to work as:

  • Reservation Agents

Things you need for this course Optional:

A basic knowledge of the travel industry.

This course helps you use

  • Amadeus Reservation Desktop Essential
  • Amadeus Reservation Desktop Web (ARD)

How the course is organised

34 interactive lessons with a duration of 3 hours.